Space Opera credits file

Many thanks go to:

Roger Griessen for development, documentation and motivation

Karin Detmer for tons of support and an incredible believe in me

Dr. Jacques Boillat of the 'Ingenieurschule Bern' for his enthusiasm for Java

Many SF-authors, amongst them E.E.Doc Smith (Lensman series), Isaac Asimov (Foundation series),

Existing computergames like MoO, Stars!, GalCiv, Civ, Railroad Tycoon, Elite

The Wiki community

Books from Yourdon, Brooks, Fowler

The open-source community and the SourceForge

Linus Torvalds for Linux

Sun for Java

The Povray raytracing software.

M. P. Fairclough for Terragen

Leo's Icon archive for the toolbar icons.

    Special thanks to Paul McCue for pointing out the error in the 'screenshots' page.

For all those we forgot to mention: Please enjoy a virtual red rose!

The SpaceOpera Team

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