Some Space Opera Screenshots

The Logo (thanks to Helen!):

SpaceOpera Logo

Some screenshots of the game:

SpaceOpera Main Window

(This is the main window, where the universe can be explored and sunsystems and orbital images displayed.
With the menu you can start a new game, select planets, ships or colonies, and cheat a little bit.)

colony screen

(This is the Colony Detail window, where resources are being allocated, buildings constructed and so on.)

Planet views from orbit were created with POVRAY

image of a blue planet

image of a green planet

image of an orange planet

image of a red planet

Images from planetary surfaces were created with Terragen.

image of a rainy colony

image of a mountain colony

image of a romantic colony

image of a waterworld colony

image of a plains colony

image of a chinese mountains colony

image of a green colony

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The source code and all accompanying material (images, sound, prose) is copyrighted according to the GNU General Public License 1996-2002, The SpaceOpera Team

Last update: 29-September-2002